Friday, March 25, 2016

Looking for your next read? I just might have some YA titles for you!

Hi guys! Happy Spring! 

I'm still seeing snow pictures on Instagram and Twitter but where I am, there is pollen everywhere

Listen, I one-clicked a few of these YA titles and am considering a few more of them - sooo, I decided to collect them in one place in case any of you are interesting in adding some young adult to your e-collection. If you see any that I've missed, let me know and I can add them. I just threw this together in a hurry. 

Let me now if you guys grab any thing, whether it is on here or not - I'd love to hear what everyone is reading! 








Don't forget that with some of these titles, you can add the audio to the Kindle versions for a reduced price, which is something that I do ALL THE TIME. 

Also, just so we're on the up-and-up: these are affiliate links. 

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