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My Thoughts On: Stuck by Jennifer Bosworth

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Struck by Jennifer Bosworth 
Published by
 Farrar, Straus and Giroux BYR 
Publish Date:  May 8, 2012 
373 Pages
Source:  Borrowed

Mia Price is a lightning addict. She’s survived countless strikes, but her craving to connect to the energy in storms endangers her life and the lives of those around her. 

Los Angeles, where lightning rarely strikes, is one of the few places Mia feels safe from her addiction. But when an earthquake devastates the city, her haven is transformed into a minefield of chaos and danger. The beaches become massive tent cities. Downtown is a crumbling wasteland, where a traveling party moves to a different empty building each night, the revelers drawn to the destruction by a force they cannot deny. Two warring cults rise to power, and both see Mia as the key to their opposing doomsday prophecies. They believe she has a connection to the freak electrical storm that caused the quake, and to the far more devastating storm that is yet to come. 

Mia wants to trust the enigmatic and alluring Jeremy when he promises to protect her, but she fears he isn’t who he claims to be. In the end, the passion and power that brought them together could be their downfall. When the final disaster strikes, Mia must risk unleashing the full horror of her strength to save the people she loves, or lose everything.  -(summary from Goodreads.com)

Struck by Jennifer Bosworth

My Thoughts:  "My name is Mia Price, and I am a lightning addict." p. 2, ARC

My initial reaction when I finished this book was WHOA. I sat down on my bed to start Struck and stayed right there until I finished it. Interested initially in the cover, of course, I quickly found that the concept of the story was just something that I had never read before. Jennifer Bosworth gets points for an original, interesting, odd, and fascinating story. 

Let me tell you what I thought about Struck

1. The Characters
  • Mia Price. An insanely interesting girl. Struck by lightning countless times and has the scars to prove it. Can sense when storms are coming and is drawn to them in a weird way, like she feels them pulling at her. A loner, Mia spend her time taking care of her family - her brother and her mother. 
  • Jeremy. Mia's crush/friend/romantic interest. She notices him lurking around in the beginning and is instantly attracted to him, although she doesn't really know why. Their relationship develops over the course of the book and progresses to a bit of a romance at the end. Jeremy's character is full of mystery and he never stopped surprising me the entire way through the book. A great many of my WHOA moments are scenes involving this guy!
  • Secondary cast. Great characterization among the secondary cast and the extras. There is Parker, Mia's brother, who struggles with where his allegiances should lie when the world supposedly ends. There is Mia's Mom who struggles with the mental after-effects of being trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building for an extended amount of time after the first big storm - Mom is unable to cope with reality and therefore can't really function on her own; she relies on Mia and Parker to take care of her. There is Katrina, a Seeker - they believe they will save LA/the world from the Followers and the false teachings of the Prophet. I felt a connection with each of these characters and loved what they added to the story. 
It would be awful of me not to mention The Prophet, who is basically a radical religious man cult leader who dresses in white and surrounds himself with his followers children, who also dress in white and act really strange. He claims to know when the world will end and that if you follow him, you'll find the salvation offered through God. He broadcasts himself on TV three times per day, everyday, preaching his good news to the world. Now folks...in real life, we've heard stories on the news about people like this before. The Prophet was just like those people we have seen on TV. Brilliantly written and completely creepy. This guy was an amazing villain. 

2. The Scene. Post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, after a huge earthquake has destroyed the city...which caused riots and looting...which caused militiamen to come out in hordes. Also somehow connected to this storm:  droughts and fires in the midwestern US, killing millions of acres of farmland, creating a food shortage everywhere. Off-season hurricanes have swept the Gulf of Mexico-region of the US, killing thousands of people and crippling the fishing industry. There have been raging tornadoes in random states. Because the US is currently fighting wars on multiple fronts, there is not enough of a military presence within the US to assist with these disasters because they are all deployed overseas. As if that weren't enough, famine and pandemic conditions across the world have humanitarian organizations occupied, so the US cannot rely on them. 

Oh, yeah, the mayor of LA was killed in the first earthquake along with many others, so the city's organizational structure and emergency plans have failed. As there is no structure to the city, regulation of everything is left up to makeshift neighborhood militia units that have formed. AND...there is an outbreak of Earthquake Fever...which is a nasty little problem people were left with after toxins in the earth were released from underground. It overworks the immune system and causes the body to attack itself, causing crusty sores to break out across the body. Medications for everything, and I mean everything, are being sold only on the black market for unaffordable prices. The whole place has fallen apart. 

Basically, the US is in way over its head and there's another storm on the horizon. OH HOW I LOVE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND REMARKABLE WORLD-BUILDING! 

3. The Cults. Struck is heavy on religious themes, which is something that will be a problem for some readers. Word of this is making its way around the blogosphere and readers are starting to hear about it and wonder...personally, I am a Believer - firm in my faith - and I was not bothered by the use of religious themes/cults in this book at all. I thought it was written well without being preachy or judgmental, and I never felt convicted in my faith while reading. That being said...

There are two groups that are seeking out Mia to join them:  The Followers and The Seekers. Both feel like Mia is necessary to their cause, and both groups will go to fantastic lengths to convince her to join them. Both groups are strange, odd, and creepy. Both have cult-like behavior, at least in my opinion. These groups are       C-R-A-Z-Y crazy. 

4. Post-apocalyptic/paranormal/science-fiction/fantasy. Yes to all of these! There is basically a little bit of almost everything in here, and it works. I love it when there is a mash-up of genres and it takes us somewhere new and exciting. Friends, if this one isn't exciting, I don't even know what that word means...

5. The Structure. When the story opens, there has already been a devastating storm to destroy the city. But the story progresses in a countdown of-sorts until the bigger storm that has already been predicted by The Prophet. Y'all, as the days are counted down, and as Mia begins to feel the storm coming, the pages turned faster. I think the story actually felt electric. I HAD to find out what was going to happen. I literally could not put the book down. Very interesting story structure and very smartly done, because it certainly hooked me in!

6. The Cover. Very very cool. 

I'm not really sure what to make of the very slight romance aspect of Struck. I mean, it is clear that there are romantic feelings between Mia and Jeremy (not a spoiler) but the romance never really felt explored to any degree of major depth. That is certainly okay, but I think that calling this book any type of YA romance would be to take away from the bigger and more explosive parts of the story. The upside is that there is no love triangle, so yay for that, right?!

If I haven't convinced you guys that I really liked Struck, I don't know what else will. I found it a thrilling story and wildly fascinating. My heart pounded from about halfway through until the ending. I think I was even a little bit tired after I finished reading it...

I had no clue what to expect in terms of the ending and WOW - it was just crazy. You guys, this book wraps up so nicely with a pretty bow, all there for you like a standalone should. I mean, it COULD be taken further if the author felt like she wanted to (in my opinion) but as far as I know there are no plans for that.  Standalone lovers, this one is for you! 

I think this book will appeal to pretty much everyone except those who are opposed to reading books with religious themes or undertones. While the religious themes make it a bit more mature in subject, it is definitely age appropriate in terms of everything else. There are certainly no inappropriate scenes for the younger readers to the best of my recollection. 

Struck will appeal to fans of

Post-apocalyptic genre
Amazing world-building
Strong characterization
(including awesome secondary characters!)
Action-driven stories
 No love triangle 

Struck by Jennifer Bosworth will be released on May 8, 2012.

*I borrowed this book as part of Around The World Book Tours in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. I received no compensation for my review.  

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Incarnate Theater Treasure Hunt + GIVEAWAY!

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Traditional Publishing vs. Indie Publishing

Let's have another discussion post, shall we? They're always so much fun. 
Today I want to see if I can make some sense of my thoughts on 
traditional publishing vs. indie publishing 
and why-oh-why there is such a line in the sand between the two sometimes.

Before I blogged, I was a blog stalker. Don't act like that...y'all did it too! 
I noticed blogs say that they did not accept self-published/indie published books
 (Sometimes it would even be boldfaced! What in the world??) 
When I became my a blogger myself,I guess I followed suit. 
I hadn't ever really read any self-published books because 
if my library had them, I wasn't aware of it.
 AND...if no one else was reading them...I guess I didn't need to either, right?

In doing a little research, I found that bloggers didn't want to read self-pubs/indies because they had what they called "bad experiences" or because of bad editing or various other reasons like that...certainly valid reasons for not reading books! But one day I was sort of browsing around looking for upcoming titles and I found a book with one of the most beautiful covers I had ever seen...and my gracious it was an indie! What on earth would I do? 
At that time, I clearly stated in my review policy that I didn't read books like that but oh my gracious it sounded amazing and was SO PRETTY.
(y'all know I'm a cover girl and cannot resist a pretty cover)

So I requested that book. I sure did. My first indie request. 
And you know what? I was BLOWN AWAY
The cover was perfect. The editing was perfect. The story was amazing. 
And my entire perspective on a whole new new branch of the industry was changed, just like that...
because a well-done cover and great marketing caught my eye, 
and an excellent story with great editing followed. 

I myself (speaking only for myself here) had judged this entire portion of the industry based on what other people said and did...without giving them a chance! That is totally not like me in real life, by the way.
I felt horrible. 
I knew that if I struck gold with one book
~ surely there were other great ones out there ~
so I decided that I'd look around...and you know what? I've found plenty of them.

Sure, there are some not-so-great indies
Some could use some editing work
some could use some cover work
and some of the authors could seriously work on their pitch process
But there are some not-so-great traditionally pubbed books out there too...
...and all of the things in this list applies to them as well. 

One of my favorite things about the Self-Pubs & Indie Authors is:
They are so hardworking and supportive of one another.
It is SO OBVIOUS too, y'all. It's right there on Twitter. 
I LOVE IT. And I want to be a part of it. 
I LOVE being a part of it.
When I read one of their books, it is a JOY to be doing so. 
THAT is part of what book blogging is about...

I know I don't have the kind of drive and determination 
to do the work behind publishing and marketing my own book, so 
I am forever in awe of this group of people
And for the readers out there who love this sort of thing: 
these authors are super interactive
They typically want to talk to you
respond to you
hear your feedback
and answer your questions
They are all over twitter and their respective blogs. 
Find them!

Now, I'd love to talk for a second about the recent drama that has been happening between the traditional publishing authors/agents and bloggers. I've seen several people say that they won't be buying the books of certain authors...and they are entitled to these feelings and in some cases, maybe justified. I personally would consider these "bad experiences." So...then...are people going to say that they won't be reading any more traditionally published books because of bad experiences? 

I very recently read and reviewed and LOVED a book that was involved in one of the major drama episodes. I posted my raving good review, which was totally contradictory to the drama-inducing review that was involved in the mess that was going on while I was reading the book. I was totally oblivious to the entire scandal between the blogger and industry professionals until after I finished the book and started puffing it up on Twitter. I loved the book, still love the book, and wish I could read it againDespite loving it and giving it a very, very positive review, I consider that a bad experience. However, I personally am not going to stop reading books by traditionally published authors and I will re-read that book and continue with that series when it comes out. 

I'm just saying this: I wish more people would give the self-pubs & indies a chance: 
Step outside of the box, step outside of your comfort zones. 
Because there is some amazing stuff out there in indie-land! 
And, likewise, there is some crap in traditional-land! That is just the way it is. 

For those of us who love to read 
- you really love a great story
I just don't understand why it matters where it comes from...
there is room in the world for both kinds of publishing
As long as the story is great and compelling, who cares? 

I will say...
~ because I'm sure you are wondering~
 ~and because I'm sure I'll get a million emails~
(please don't pitch me your book on this blog post)
...I am EXTREMELY SELECTIVE in what I read
in both kinds of publishing. 
I pick my titles based on what I think I'll enjoy, traditional AND indie.
I do not accept every pitch I get. I couldn't possibly read all of them, 
and I know that I won't enjoy all of them. I take indies on a case-by-case basis. 

But you should know, y'all, that for some of the indies, 
I get just as squeally as some of the books from the Big 6.   
I will ballerina dance around my living room just as fast and lovely 
for certain Indies as I will for certain Traditionals. FACT. 

This is not to slam my blogging friends who still do not read self-pubs/indie books. Everyone has their niche and their reasons. Some are really good ones. Maybe you don't have an eReader, maybe you don't really read that many books to branch that far from your TBR list, maybe you just don't want to, etc. Whatever your reason, it is fine! I'm just thinking that this month has been a month of "bad experiences" with traditional publishing...and I know a group of people who work so hard and are so appreciative (like, directly to you, not through an agent) of the time you take to read and share your thoughts with the world. 
I just would LOVE to see more people try indies. That is all. 

Hello, My Name is Asheley.
 I read Indie Published books 
Traditionally Published books. 
And I am/it is awesome. 

Okay, let's hear it. Who will/won't read the indies? 
Have you ever given them a chance? A second chance? 
Do you need indie recommendations? Cause I have some! 

Any thoughts or comments? 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Interview with Derrolyn Anderson + GIVEAWAY!

The Moon And The Tide
(Marina's Tales, Book Two)
by Derrolyn Anderson

Publish Date: April 1, 2011
My Source:  received from the author for review

Just when things seem to be all figured out, Marina discovers that there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than she ever imagined. When a terrible accident exposes her secret, she discovers that her whole life has been one big lie, and has to cope with more than one kind of betrayal.A dangerous enemy arrives on the scene, putting her bravery to the test and forcing her to use all of her new-found talents to protect her family. Will good win out over evil? Can love triumph over jealousy?  -(summary from Goodreads.com)

The Moon And The Tide is a really fun sequel to the first book in Marina's Tales, Between The Land And The Sea. The same characters pick up their lives shortly after the first book ends. We still get to read all about Marina and Ethan and their relationship, but this book has a few thrilling highlights thrown in:  for example, Marina takes a trip to Greece to visit with her father...she flies to visit him alone and disaster strikes while she is there! On a helicopter ride with her father, the helicopter crashes into the ocean. Marina is able to transform into a mermaid and rescue those on board, but not before photographers grab evidence of her mermaid's tail. Within days, these pictures are all over the internet - Marina and the secret of her mermaid sisters are no longer safe! Marina cuts her trip short, goes back home, and tries to stay safe with Ethan. She still has a hard time fighting the urge to be in the ocean, as close to the marine life and the mermaids as possible...and she does this with her surfing. She becomes riskier and more dangerous as has begins to take to the water at night so she can surf as privately as possible. Before long disaster strikes again - Marina and her mermaid sister Lorelai are kidnapped! It's a race to get Lorelai back into the ocean before she dies...

The Moon And The Tide definitely has more of a thriller component to the first book and it is rather exciting. My heart was beating fast in more than one instance! 

The Fate Of The Muse
(Marina's Tales, Book Three)
by Derrolyn Anderson

Publish Date: September 16, 2011
My Source:  received from the autho
r for review

Trouble is stalking Marina. She’s already escaped the clutches of her formidable foe once, but fate has even more trials in store for her. There are evil plans in the works– plans that threaten both her and her newly found family. 

As she struggles to come to grips with her unwanted powers, outside forces threaten to tear Marina and Ethan apart, making her doubt their vision of an idyllic future together. Can first love be true love? -(summary from Goodreads.com)

By the time I had gotten to Book Three of Marina's Tales, The Fate Of The Muse, I was basically in love with all of the characters. This series has been so much fun to read and this book was certainly no exception! 

Marina is still trying to come to grips with her kidnapping and constantly fighting urges to escape to the ocean. She and her friends are busy preparing for the end of high school - prom is coming up, and then graduation. Marina and Ethan have begun to talk about their future together, but they are spending less time together as Ethan is working more and more. Marina admires his work ethic but is dismayed by the decreased time they are spending together. The Fate Of The Muse contains more thrilling times but tons more fun times, and we get to know these characters that we have grown to love in a slightly more grown-up, getting-ready-for-life way. There is more singing, fashion, surfing, and a cute little baby mermaid as well! And plenty of romance! 
I recommend these books to everyone. They are completely age-appropriate and I believe they will have appeal to everyone from all ages YA to YA-loving adults. I can't be more happy with my first mermaid stories! I know without a doubt that I will seek more out because I've loved my experience with Marina and the other great characters in this series. AND...the best part is that there is a fourth book in this series to be released in a few months! YAY!!! 
The Marina's Tales Series will appeal to fans of

Books about Surfing/the Ocean
YA Romance
 Incredible, Fun, Well-Developed Characters  
Character-Drive and/or Action-Driven Stories
Suitable for all-ages YA as well as adult readers

The entire Marina's Tales Series by Derrolyn Anderson 
is currently available for purchase.

**I received review copies from the author in exchange for an honest opinion and review. I received no compensation for my thoughts. Thank you, Derrolyn! 


Author Derrolyn Anderson
I'm really excited to have Author Derrolyn Anderson stopping by the blog to answer some questions about the Marina's Tales Series. 

I read these books recently and loved them; they were my first books about mermaids! 

(Read my review of Book One, Between The Land And The Sea HERE.)

Thank you so much for stopping by today! 

1.  I know you get asked this all time time, but can you tell us a little bit about yourself and about the Marina's Tales series?

I have three beautiful daughters (yay-fellow mother of twins!), and checking out their reading material re-acquainted me with my neglected love of books. Reading the series they love, from Harry Potter toTwilight, really opened my eyes to all the wonderful books in the YA genre, and inspired me to try my hand at writing a story of my own.

I decided to set my little tale in Aptos, in the charming seaside neighborhood where my husband and I spent the first ten years of our marriage. There really is a broken down old cement ship at the end of a pier, and the setting just kind of screamed mermaid. It turns out I’m a pantser, and once I got going, the story took on a life of its own – I still have no idea exactly how I’m going to get to the HEA.

2.  The Marina's Tales stories are a lot of fantasy and romance with a little bit of suspense thrown in there. I'll admit that I loved reading the romance parts the most...Which part was your favorite to write?

I loved writing the “meet cute” part, imagining those sweet, uncertain moments at the very beginning of falling in love. Remembering all the dancing around each other that happens at the start of a relationship made me nostalgic. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for twenty three years now, so I really had to dig deep!

3.  Marina is easy to love. Besides Marina, who is your favorite character and why?

I have a soft spot in my heart for Cruz, but probably had the most fun writing Shayla’s dialogue. I hung around with so many punk kids like her – the only hard part was taking the f-bomb out of every other phrase. I wanted to keep the story relatively clean for my daughter’s sake.

4. Marina loved to paint. Ethan loved nature. Cruz loved fashion. Megan loved to sing. There is a huge subculture of surfing throughout the series...How much of yourself and/or your family did you put into these characters?

Bits and pieces of all sorts of real people blend together into my fictional ones.
There was no shortage of surfer dudes in Aptos, and I actually do have an eccentric and sophisticated aunt who was a glamorous model in “Mad Men” era New York and Paris (unfortunately, she did not marry money!). 

My checkered past : Leaving home at an early age, waitressing in all kinds of different restaurants, and having some colorful friends and roommates definitely helps me with character development. When I finally wised up and dropped back into school, I was an art-major by day and an airport-hotel bartender by night.Talk about characters!

5.  I'm very excited about a fourth book in the series, The Turning Tides...At this point, can you tell us anything about it?
It’s still in the works, but I can say that an evil scientist and a giant aquarium will figure into it...

6.  I have intense respect for self-published and indie published authors. What can you tell me about the process of being self-published? Has it been challenging, rewarding, etc? What are the pros vs. cons?

When I finished my first book, I fired off a couple dozen queries to literary agents. I got back one request for a partial, and then... crickets. I was pretty dispirited, but my visionary entrepreneurial husband encouraged me to go ahead and self publish. He believed that the advent of e-readers would change the face of publishing – several years before anyone else even started talking about it.

Amazon, B&N Pubit, and Smashwords make it relatively easy to convert a Word document, and provide lots of free information about formatting.

The best part about self publishing e-books? Nothing is set in stone, and you can go back in and tweak them at any time. Hello second edition = goodbye typos!

The worst part about being an indie... see the next question.

7.  After the publishing comes the marketing! Can you talk a little bit about putting yourself out there as a self-published author? What seems to work best for you? 

So far, the only marketing I’ve done is to query book bloggers for honest reviews. Take a bow, because BOOK BLOGGERS ARE AWESOME!!! I’ve gotten lots of valuable feedback, much needed encouragement, and some very constructive criticism from you guys.

That said, I’m terrible about social networking, and I’m probably the last person on earth that isn’t on Facebook and doesn’t Tweet. I have old friends who accuse me of “going hermit”. I know they have a point, but I just see it as one more thing to deal with, like getting a new puppy. I can see that this is an area where a publisher might come in handy.

One day I’ll probably get with the promotion program, but for now, I’m working on improving my writing chops by finishing this series. I have an idea for a stand-alone thriller, and also a totally different YA series I’d like to start one day soon.

I’ve been self employed for many years now, so I’m used to flying without a net. My husband and I run a small business out of our garage, and with two high school seniors going off to college this fall, we’re pretty much resigned to working the rest of our lives.
On a positive note, my book sales have been slowly climbing, and I’m just about able to cover my monthly chocolate & red wine bill! What more could a girl want? 

8.  What, if anything, have you learned about yourself through the process of writing?

That I’m a serial obsessive. My garden is seriously overgrown right now, I’ve neglected my painting, and since I’ve started writing, more than one load of laundry has gone sour in the washing machine.

Wow, Derrolyn! Thank you so much for your time and interview! 
I LOVE Cruz too and I think he is a favorite among 
other readers as well...
I'm so excited about the next book in Marina's Tales coming out
and I can't wait to read it! 
AND...covering that chocolate and wine bill sounds pretty good to me! 

Thank you for stopping by and you are welcome here anytime! 


Now for the GIVEAWAY!

The author has generously provided one set
of the Marina's Tales books (ebook copies) for one reader!

AND...she has provided
a few extra copies of 
Between The Land And The Sea
for a couple of readers! 

Giveaway Information 
  • You must be at least 13 years old to enter. 
  • Deadline for entry is Friday, February 3, 2012.
  • This contest is open to Everyone. 
  • To enter, please fill  out this form:

Form removed at conclusion of giveaway!

Winners will be determined using Random.org and notified via email. 
Good luck!